Healthy gums

We always focus on bright, white teeth with no decay as the signs of a healthy mouth but healthy gums are the basis of good oral health. Just like a house needs a solid foundation, your teeth are only as strong as the structures that support and surround them. Recedin

Effects of sitting on health

You may have already heard the

Do you know the drill?

Fear of the dentist is often associated with the particular noise of the drills. But that whining sound is due to the high speed of drills that allow dentists to work quickly and efficiently in that small space. Dentist use a

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry refers to dental treatments that  improve the appearance of teeth, gums and bite. Cosmetic dentistry can be carried out by all dentists, as it includes both simple and complex procedures. Before commencing cosmetic treatment,  you and your dentist

Common causes of sensitive teeth

Here are the most common causes of sensitive teeth Brushing too hard Using a hard toothbrush or brushing with too much force causes tooth enamel to wear down. This exposes the microscopial tubes and canals that lead to the dental nerves inside your

Fun facts about animal teeth

We need our teeth for eating and smiling. Because we can cook our food, our teeth don't need to be as strong. Animals also need strong teeth to use as weapons to defend themselves. Read more

Drinking and oral health

What effect does alcohol have on oral health? A new study in the US investigated the types of bacteri

Why do I have pain with my wisdom teeth?

The pain from wisdom teeth can vary from a small niggle to unbearable pain in the jaw. Wisdom teeth often come through in the late teens or early twenties, and it is no fun getting toothache whilst coping with work or study. Wisdom tooth pain can be caused by  several factors. There might not be