Dental health cover – use it or lose it!

Dental health cover has yearly benefits which recharge every year. So as well as saying goodbye to 2018, you may also be saying goodbye to your private health insurance dental benefits for the year. Read on to make sure you are not missing out on your health fund benefits.

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How does dental health cover work?

While each health fund and scheme have different rebates, most allow for 2 check ups and clean each year. They then have yearly limits for general and major dental work which recharge at the end of the year (some health funds work on a financial year). Recharge means that it DOES NOT roll over. If you have a limit of $500 for general dental for the year, and you don’t use it, you lose it. At the start of next year, you will still only $500 for the whole year. Similarly if you don’t have both check ups, you are not using your full benefits.

What are you losing?

A typical Australian may be paying upwards of $50 per month for their dental cover. If you have paid $600 a year, it makes sense to utilize your dental health cover.

What is the difference between general and major dental?

Each health fund offers different levels of covers and benefits. But usually they have two categories for dental claims. General dental treatment relates to rebates on check ups, cleans, fluoride treatment, x-rays, fillings and simple tooth extractions. Major dental treatment will usually cover more complex treatment like root canals, crowns and implants.

Act now so that you can enjoy your Christmas
Check with your health funds to see what dental benefits you have and if they expire on a calendar yearly basis.
Call us to book your check up and clean – remember you will pay no gap as long as you have dental cover

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