Dental amalgam fillings (silver mercury) do not adhere to tooth structure. They stay in place by mechanical retention which involves tooth destruction.

By using COMPOSITE RESIN restorations we can adhere to tooth tissue and mimic the structural strength and integrity of the tooth tissue they replace. The composite resins match the shade of the tooth. These are BIOCOMPATIBLE WHITE RESTORATIONS.

Different materials are used depending on the size of the cavity.

Small to medium sized holes can be filled with direct composite resin (white fillings). Larger holes have more forces placed upon them. So we use indirect techniques using a stronger composite filling material which takes longer to apply. A second appointment may be needed for best results.

Maintaining as much tissue and keeping the nerve of the tooth alive is the goal of Minimally Invasive Dentistry.

Preventing or minimising the damage to your teeth is our goal at Dental Care on Wondall.