Dental Care on Wondall creates custom-made mouthguards for use in sports or to relieve symptoms of grinding (bruxism).

Sports mouth guards

Sports mouth guards protect teeth from traumatic injuries that can occur during sport activities. A custom-made sports mouthguard fits over upper teeth and is indented so that lower teeth close into it, thereby reducing shock to jaw joints during an accident. The accurate fit protects teeth, gums, joints and jaws, providing firm and comfortable defence against sports injuries and trauma.

Night guards

Night guards protect teeth from wearing down and reduce the need for expensive treatment that can result from tooth grinding. A custom-made night guard (also known as a dental night guard or occlusal guard) repositions the jaw to prevent or reduce (minimise) teeth grinding at night.  It will be thinner than those that are bought off-the-shelf, making them more comfortable to wear.  The placement of a custom-made guard is more accurate and regular nightly use is recommended to prevent wearing down tooth surfaces.