Electric toothbrush with smart technology

Electric toothbrush with smart technology

Electric toothbrushes with smart technology will soon be available. These smart brushes come with artificial intelligence (AI) and are programmed to help us improve our brushing. . Smart brushes are able to monitor, record and evaluate your brushing skills. 

How does it work?

The smart toothbrush is linked to an app which analyses the way you brush your teeth in real time. As you brush, it records your brushing technique, pressure applied to the teeth and gums and  time spent brushing.

The most common mistakes are too much pressure and missing  surfaces areas of teeth. AI tracks and monitors how you brush your teeth and then offers personalised feedback. There is also a brushing challenge where the AI scores you and lets you know how to improve.

By brushing correctly, you will remove more plaque and reduce the risk of gum disease. The smart toothbrush also has a brush mode for cleaning your tongue and removing that furry feeling.

Benefits of a smart toothbrush

Most people need to improve their brushing skills. This brush not only helps you spend the correct amount of time brushing, it picks up other common mistakes such as missing surface areas, brushing too hard or using wrong technique.

The smart brush can analyse your technique and then give you guidance to improve. As you brush, the app fills in the areas brushed correctly to show you have spent the right amount of time and effort cleaning your teeth and gums properly.

Manufacturers say the purpose of AI is to ensure that your brushing technique removes plaque and cuts down on the amount of time you spend in the dental chair.  They also claim that the smart toothbrush knows more about brushing than any person (or dentist)!  

Story and image source gizmodo.com.au