Invisible braces

  • Virtually invisible which has minimal impact on your appearance
  • Can be removed for eating so you do not have to restrict your diet
  • Are easily cleaned allowing you to main your regular dental hygiene routine
  • Comfortable to wear because there is no irritation from brackets or wires

For those who want a more discreet alternative to braces, aligners may be the best option. This orthodontic treatment consists of removable aligners which are custom made to suit individual requirements. At Dental Care on Wondall, we offer Invisalign and ClearCorrect for adult orthodontic treatment and can advise you on whether invisible braces will address your orthodontic concerns.

How do clear aligners work?

Custom made aligners apply targeted pressure to teeth in order to move them slowly into alignment. They are changed regularly to respond to the movement of teeth and progress can be tracked using software that displays models of your teeth before, during and after treatment.

What happens if I choose to have invisible braces?

  • Impressions, photos and x-rays of your teeth are sent to the laboratory which fabricates a set of aligners using 3D models.
  • Aligners are changed every 2 weeks
  • Your orthodontic treatment will be monitored and reviewed at regular intervals
  • Aligners must be worn for 20-22 hours each day
  • Aligners can be removed for eating, drinking and cleaning
  • Retainers are recommended once treatment is complete