Teenagers and teeth whitening

Teenagers and teeth whitening

Teeth whitening for teenagers is a trend that is spreading due to the use of social media. Popular over the counter products such as strips, gels and ready to use trays are available. However, dentists are worried that teenagers using these products may not be aware of the dangers. 

Is tooth whitening safe for teenagers?

Tooth enamel is still developing during the teenage years and can make teeth look dark. Using whitening products can strip the outer layer of developing enamel.  Dentists generally advise against tooth whitening for teenagers because it may cause problems such as enamel erosion, ulcerations and gum damage. 

Is it safer to use natural products to whiten teeth?

No because both chemical based and natural products are abrasive and can damage enamel. They are also not effective due to the low concentration of active ingredients.

Can teenagers book teeth whitening procedures at beauty salons?

Whitening products used by beauticians are  safe but they are not permitted to use the high concentration products that achieve better results. The Australian Dental Association advises all patients to avoid other businesses that offer teeth whitening services. Their products will not be certified to the same standards as those used by dentists. 

What products are used by dentists?

Whitening treatments carried out by dentists are safer and more effective . Professional products such as Zoom! contain higher concentration levels of  active ingredients (hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide). 

Before whitening, your dentist will check that your teeth and gums are healthy, and rule out other reasons for discolouration such as diet or disease. Other treatments can be offered when whitening will not be effective.

Photo by Min An from Pexels